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Online Cake Delivery In India

Online Cake Delivery in India: Browse until you find your Slice.

We are Happy to serve you with our Luxury textured designer cakes which encompasses huge varieties of flavours and toppings keeping in mind the personalized choices. At Dollar Cakes you will love to browse cakes online as we offer cake for every special occasion which will provoke you to drop on other cakes website and place your Online Cake Delivery In India at Dollar Cakes.

If special day is at the door, it’s completely normal to browse for best cakes online in India switching from one site to another. Cakes reinvent the concept of royalty and royalty cannot be compromised. If you are planning to throw an outstanding Birthday Party or soul engaging Anniversary party then you have landed the right place which is

You can choose your Delicious cake and we provide you the chance to customize it as per your choice. It’s our honour to break the fact that we are amongst first companies in India to launch Artisan Ice Cream Cakes where instead of Traditional Fresh Whip Cream, Ice cream is used for cake icing and in mounding. We believe in experimenting with fresh techniques and design new delicious flavours with exotic twists to appeal you on the fore. You can hand pick your cakes online from our most famous cakes which include Special cakes, Mousse cakes, Fondant cakes which gathered us much appreciation in recent era. You need not to restrict yourself from planning a surprise as we will help you at our best to execute it and get it delivered at the desired location.

We provide reliable and safe payment gateway for processing online transaction if you book your cakes online with the acceptance of all credit and debit cards and keep your details Privileged with our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system and with the completion of the transaction all your details will vanish and will not be stored on our server.

We respect privacy and individuality of our customers which have gathered us proud and support. Our 2-3 Tier cakes are extraordinariliy designed to cater Big gatherings, the layer beneath layer weaves an inside story of baking the cake with utmost delicacy and Luxury.

Visit us for booking your Online Cake Delivery In India and you will be happy to find the cake of your choice as we have every cake which you must have fantasized once in your lifetime. You can even choose  a present from our Combo products along with booking Online Cake Delivery In India to watch your loved ones freak out with reception of your soul consuming surprise and happiness.

Online cake Order In India: A trip to swirl with Taste all over India

For planning any grand celebration like birthdays, anniversaries or promotion party you can resort to us for any query related to our online cake order in India services. For booking your cake online you just need to create your Account at our site with your name, e-mail or contact details which will be used mainly for notifying you about your cake delivery, personalizing your experience and for Clarifying of the transactions. You can even initiate with online cake Order in India process as an anonymous.

Earlier the online cake Order in India process used to be a bit of a complicated one and used to involve endless formalities to the point of switching the deal to going and purchase the cake from the shop in your neighbourhood. With the advancement in technologies with the ever-revolving world the things got easier ensuring the respite of the customers. Now you can relish the provision of online cake Order in India sitting in the comfortable environment of your home and book the delicious cake in the fumes of hot chocolate.

Your particulars would further be used to acquaint you with latest offers and discounts, for getting acquainted with your feedback of our online cake delivery services, to inform you about the fresh arrivals and new flavours which would interest you to visit us again for planning your next venture. We use Cookies for keeping the particulars with us for your future visits and your preferences but if you wish you can disable it on your computer through your browser settings but you can still book your package of online cake order in India on our site without any restrictions.

We assure you that privacy of your particulars which will not be share among third party sites. We are here to settle all your issues and queries through our active customer support system. You can contact us on the customer care number mentioned on our Contact us Page or can interact directly through our live chat system, we are there to help you round the clock.

All the orders are fulfilled from 11 am to 9pm in normal delivery time span and morning cake delivery timings caters to 8am to 2pm.

In case of same day delivery, order should be booked prior to 1pm for same day delivery of the cake and we don’t share provision for same day online cake delivery on the occasion of Valentine’s day or Raksha Bandhan. We cannot guarantee you the delivery of your Cake or gifts at the exact timings mentioned by you but will be delivered within the respective time slot selected by you.

Cheap Cake Delivery in India: Catch the happy Surprise of cake delivery near you

We are regular with our cutting-edge flavours and designs which are tasted and appreciated and laid the potential for emergence of masterpiece. With your love we have able to build great reputation in the era of cake delivery services; cake shop near me. You can gorge on to your desirable cake and celebrate the special occasion painting it fresh with Dollar Cakes anywhere near you; cake shop near me.

Seek resort at Dollar Cakes for the satiation of all your sweet tooth cravings. We are mainly based in Delhi for 3 years and accounts to customer base of nearly 50000. We bake fresh cream cake within sterilized utensils and processing takes place under maintained hygienic environment. You must be looking for cake shop near me and we deliver the cakes from the best cake shop in the town at your door. The cakes delivered superior in quality and taste.

We cater to across 600 cities in India for our cake delivery services and excel in delivering the soft and tasty cake on the desired address.

We dreamt of creating a world of Delectable Sweets indulgence by creating an appetizing cake, nourishing it with cocoa and sugar, moulding our deep emotions with the batter and kindling the bliss in the oven to present you the finger licking creamy delight on the table. Proper collaboration of traditional and upgraded methods we succeeded in creating a relishing cake to provoke your taste buds.

We are glad to offer you our treasure of heavenly Taste which displays our sincere efforts towards constructing another layer of your love and support catering to our services of cake delivery in India; cake shop near me. We wish to light up every single corner of India with the aroma of delicious cake making India irresistible for another delicious slice of cake;best cake shop in India. Any occasion of the year birthday, anniversary or wedding should be deemed auspicious sealed with the sacred designer eggless cakes and wedding cakes on the table.

Greet your party guests and help us change the mood of India by switching to fresh flavour with appetizing designs; cake shop near me. We carve out the best slice with our utmost dedication and precision on the core so the completed cake reflects the Glory of our door to door services. Dollar Cakes assures the customers of the cake baked from the finest ingredients in its products, ensuring the goods that we deliver are of the best quality.

We believe in order to spread the real delicious taste of any exceptionally designer cake; real ingredients should be used & not cheaper substitutes. Our production includes a highly-customized, automated system but does not fore go the importance of the human touch, we still adhere to strict value control measures at every stage of production, packaging, and delivery. We combine latest technologies along with traditional touch for ensuring our cakes are best in Aroma and taste.

Without our dedicated, skilled, and loyal team members, Dollar Cakes would not have been able to achieve the milestone of being the prominent in cake delivery services in India. Help us reach every Corner of India to spread the unique taste and spark up the special days in a grand way. Relish the deal with our exceptional quality cartoon cakes which are loved by our customers as they will appeal everyone be it any age group child or the person in advanced years.

Our collection of Cartoon cakes runs perfect for Birthday party celebration. You can choose your cartoon cake from our exceptional collection which include Car Cartoon Cake, Mickey Mouse Cartoon Cake, Tweety Bird Cartoon Cake, Ben 10 Cartoon Cake, Tom and Jerry, Barbie Doll Cartoon Cake, Zoo Cartoon Cake, Fontan Train Cartoon Cake, Chocolate Rabbit Cartoon Cake which is bound to appeal any age specially kids who will get reminded of their favourite cartoon shows.

Book your cake online by choosing out best cake shop near me and get the ecstasy delivered at your doorsteps. We deliver cakes timely and reliable in value and from the best cake shop in the Area; don’t refrain from online cake delivery in India, just choose your delicious package of cake from our wide varieties of designer cakes which will surely provoke the delectable foodie within you.

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