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1. What are the modes of Payment?

We at the Dollar Cakes provide you the perfect service at lowest possible cost to save your money, keep our administration costs low and provide you 100% security. By accepting Credit Cards.We accept all VISA / MASTER CARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS / JCB / MAESTRO / DINERS.

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2. What are the delivery Conditions for Hotel?

Kindly enter the following details Full Name and Address of the Hotel , Telephone Number , Hotel Room Number and last but not the least the recipients name.

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3. What if I do not receive an order confirmation Via Email?

You Will receive an confirmation email shortly after we receive your order. If you do not receive this email within four hours Please feel free to contact us @ 8797055599 or write to us at care@dollarcakes.in

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4. Can I change the Delivery address or Delivery date of Order?

We will change the delivery address or delivery date as long as your order has not been delivered. Or is not on its way to being delivered. To request a change to delivery address, Please e-mail us the new address care@dollarcakes.in

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5. Is it safe to use my Credit Card Online?

We Have a Secured Payment gateway and Your Credit Card information is encrypted and is sent for processing using SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) technology. Even we do not get the card number etc.

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6. How safe is my personal information?

Dollarcakes.in does not rent or sell information they receive from web orders or email registrations to third parties.

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7. How do I know Delivery Date?

We provide you with a Calendar as soon as you click on BUY button to choose an item for delivery. Just check the Calendar in the landing page for an idea about availability of date and product.

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8. Can I mention Specific Delivery time?

Yes, you can mention specific delivery time in the Instructions to Florist box in the Order form. However please note that we do guarantee delivery of your order on your chosen date but do not guarantee the time always.

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9. What if there is problem in Product or NonDelivery?

If there is any problem in product or quality or non delivery of the products you should mail us within 2 hours of the delivery.
For any Warranty and Quality the manufacturing brand is responsible we are not responsible for the same
We are not responsible for Non Delivery of Item caused due to Natural Calamities (Fire,Earthquake,Strike,Rains,Floods,Delivery Vehicle Failure,Accidents etc.)

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10. Will My Product Look same as Shown in the Picture?

No. Flowers Decoration and Cake Decoration Shown in this Picture may differ in shape and size depending on availablity and the City.

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11. Will my Order Deliver on same day I order?

Orders Placed before 2:00 PM IST will be considered for Same Day Delivery But Orders Placed on Occassions Like Valentines day,Fathers day,Mothers day.Diwali, Rakhi etc may not be considered for same day delivery.

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12. Do you deliver Order on Sundays and National Holidays?

Orders placed for Sunday and National Holiday are not guaranteed for delivery but you can call on 8797055599 or mail us on care@dollarcakes.in and get the confirmation of delivery.

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13. Do you Deliver Midnight Order?

For Midnight Delivery Prior intimation is required and is available for limited cities only. It will be charged extra apart from Delivery Charges, you can call on 8797055599 or email us at care@dollarcakes.in and get the confirmation by email of Midnight Delivery before Ordering.

(P S :- If order is not delivered in night, it will be delivered next day morning and night charges paid will be adjusted in morning delivery.)

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14. Do you Deliver at Early Morning?

For Early Morning Delivery Prior intimation is required and is available for limited cities only. It will be charged extra.You can call on 8797055599 and get the confirmation by email for Morning Delivery before Ordering.

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15. What if Receipient is Not There at the Given Address?

If Recipient is not there at his delivery address then the order will be considered as delivered second attempt to deliver this order will be chargeable. Cakes and Flowers are Perishable items delivery will be made only once.

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16. Can I Send Some Message along with the Order?

Yes, you can send your personal message along with flowers by typing it in the Message box in the Delivery Address form it will be delivered on delivery slip or small gift card.

(P S this is not guaranteed and might not be delivered due to un-avoidable circumstances)

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17. How do i know Dollar Cakes has received my order or not?

As soon as we recieve your order, an email is sent to the email id provided in the checkout form.

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18. How do i come to know my order is Delivered Fine?

Dollarcakes.in guarantees each order to be delivered on the requested delivery date and an email is sent to you confirming the delivery. Also if by any reason the order can not be filled, you will be contacted by our customer service as soon as the florist reported his delivery problem. If you know that the order did not reach at its delivery destination you may contact us at care@DollarCakes.in to claim a non delivery with reference to your Order Number.

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19. When will the Order Delivered at What Time?

We can not guarantee the time of delivery, but the flowers will be delivered on the delivery date specified by you. If your flowers need to reach the recipient at a specific time please mention it in the additional information box in checkout form or send us an email to us. Our delivery staff will do their utmost to meet your delivery time request, however we cannot guarantee the time of delivery.

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20. What if My Order is Not Delivered on my desired date?

In rare cases like these, full amount will be refunded. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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21. What Items can be sent along with the Order?

All the items mentioned on the site can be sent along with the orders but if you have anything that is not available on our site, you can always ask for the same on 7277554451 and you will be given the Quote. Please note that Alcoholic Beverages or items are not allowed to sold online in India.

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22. What if we wish to cancel the Order?

If you wish to cancel the order there will be 50% cancellation charges and you have to mail the cancellation mail 1 day in advance (24 hours) before the delivery date of the product at care@dollarcakes.in If you wish to cancel the order on the delivery date then there will be no refund for the amount paid.

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23. What is Free Shipping?

Free Shipping is available for Certain Cities, Please confirm on 8797055599 or mail us on care@dollarcakes.in for more details.

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24. Why am I being charged higher while making payment in International Curreny?

Dear Customer when you opt for an international payment option rather than Indian Rupees (INR) many Banks/Credit Card Companies charge their customer fees for making payment in other currency execpt for which the credit card has been alloted (eg an Indian issuing Bank Credit Card will charge their customer for making payment in Dollar,Euros etc. and also the USA or any other Country issuing Bank will charge their customer for making payment in INR rupees or any other currency exept home town.
We are not responsible for such fees, liablities ,charges levied by your credit card issuing company. Please check such charges with your Bank before making the payment.

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25. COVID 19 Delivery

Due to COVID 19 deliveries are impacted , we try level best to deliver the order but in rare conditions if order is not delivered, coupon of equivalent value paid will be provided.

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